hello! I'm clemency bunn the artist, pun maker and director of citrus bunn illustrations. by day i'm  a props painter for film, tv and retail. by night i'm a watercolour artist and in between i'm a cocktail guzzler and music lover. if you'd like to learn more about my day job, pop over to my scenic website

i illustrate the animals using nothing but  watercolours and puns.  they are then scanned, printed, packed up and stamped within London, uk. we always use recycled and planet friendly materials when we can, all of our boards are fsc approved.

if you'd like to ask us a question, say hello or tell us a story, pop to the contact page and drop us a line. we really love to hear from everyone. you can find our wares at various markets around london as well as some super shops all over the UK. Pop over to our stockists page to see where. we also have an active Instagram page where you can see all of the latest designs, scribbles, ideas and offers!